Friday, 27 January 2012

Posting to America!

I have had my first international order today, and am excited to be sending some earrings out to a customer in America. These lovely vintage-inspired earrings will be packaged up and sent on their way:

Plus, I have just had my new business cards designed so will be getting those printed soon, and my website is well on it's way. Woo!  Here's a sneaky peek of my business card:

I'm going "home" this weekend to Leicestershire as my partner's younger brother is in hospital :( We're going to visit him and hopefully cheer him up a bit!  It means no jewellery making for three days though!! How will I cope?! Well, nothing much else to report at the moment, everything else is ticking along nicely. Have a fab weekend all. Pop over to my Facebook page to see my work...

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