Monday, 19 November 2012

Have you missed me?

Well, all I can say is I am sorry for neglecting you! It turns out that it is a lot harder than I thought to have a full-time job, job hunt, flat hunt, wedding plan, run a business, write a blog, AND have any kind of social life! Which is why the blog has suffered so severely these past months. The good news is that I am no longer job hunting (yay!) and have started my lovely new job in this fantastic building:

Impressive, huh? I think so. So now I can substitute job hunting with blog writing, and hopefully soon I can swap flat hunting for actually making jewellery again! How I have missed my beads and pliers! It really has been too long.

I have also been naughty and watched far too much TV recently! I am totally addicted to Homeland, we are deep into series 3 of The Wire, and we're working our way through the Game of Thrones too! So not much time for reading or beading... having said that I have just discovered a fantastic author called John Green who writes "Young Adult" fiction, and have sped though two of his books, "A Fault in Our Stars" and "Paper Towns"; both excellent! I thoroughly recommend.

Anyway, since starting this blog up, so much has changed that I have decided to take a slight change of direction... I have decided not just to focus on my jewellery making and crafting as planned, but to also talk about life in general (sorry!) and... WEDDING PLANNING! It seems to have taken over my life recently, and as I am sure that others will be going through the same stresses as me, I thought it might be a good idea to document it here. I won't be focussing solely on weddings, but it's bound to crop up a bit between now and next July.  I am planning on including a lot of DIY in our wedding, so pictures and instructions of all my mini projects will be posted on here, plus details of research I've done and places I have looked at.  hopefully it will be useful to anyone who is yet to plan their big day, and maybe interesting to those already have, or those who don't intend to!

Our wedding is going to be beautiful and cheap. i use the word cheap loosely, as I am talking in comparison to *most*. I have absolutely no problem with people spending a fortune on their wedding if they want to, but it really seems that we aren't given much choice! I am aiming to spend as little as possible! I have been told you cannot do it for less than £8000. I am determined that I can. I am less convinced that it is possible to be done "on the cheap" now than I was three months ago before I had done any research, but it can be done for under £6000, and I would like to do it for £5000. Now, some if you may be thinking that isn't cheap (like me!) but after much grumbling and googling and emailing etc, I have come to terms with the fact that if I want  to invite everyone on my list (around 120 in total) and I want it to be somewhere vaguely pretty, and I want to feed people, then this is how much I have to spend. But this is DIRT cheap compared to some weddings, so I will be very pleased with myself if I reach my goal. And I will be happy to share my tips for any other thrifty folk out there :-)

So, this is my comeback post. Keep an eye out for whatever happens to come next, be it jewellery blogging, wedding planning, TV talk or book chat...

Oh and in the meantime take a look at Pinterest, yet another guilty pleasure I have become addicted to (apologies for the excessive number of wedding related pictures recently). Sneak preview:

Laura x

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