Sunday, 22 April 2012

Distracted by beads!

Well, I have been working hard at finishing my dissertation (not much time to go now) but somehow I got distracted and started looking for new beads. In the past two weeks, I have made orders from two sites.

Firstly, I was drawn in by some of my favourite resin flowers on Smitten Beads website. And of course ended up buying a lot more than just resin flowers! I'm really looking forward to making some new items with my new beads. Anyway, this wasn't quite enough to satisfy my bead buying cravings, so I ventured onto a site which I've only bought from once before, but I remember being very excited to receive my package from them as it was so neatly wrapped in lovely paper with a bow and a little "thank you" tag, plus a free bead! So I had good memories of this shopping experience on Big Bead Little Bead's site, and put in another order. After my computer crashing mid-order, I had an email conversation with Anna from Big Bead Little Bead, who was very friendly and helpful, and she put my order through super quickly, which I received the next day! I anticipated a another beautifully presented package... and I wasn't let down... this time my beads were wrapped up in green wrapping paper with a lovely tie and another free bead :-) How lovely! Here's a picture of my bead parcel:

And the beads inside were just as lovely. I ordered some gorgeous paper beads and lots of other random bits which I'm itching to get my hands on and starting making. But not until the 3rd May!! I must resist! Here's what's awaiting me when I'm finally allowed back to my bead board. I'm especially excited about the polka dot beads on the bottom left as last time I only bought 2 of these which I made a pair of earrings from, and I couldn't part with them so I kept them for myself!

Well, other than being very naughty and buying lots of beads, I did also make a button necklace this weekend (shh!) and here's the result. I'm quite pleased with it as I often struggle to make things non-symmetrical. What do you think?

This, and all my other items, can be seen and bought on my Facebook page:

I'll be back soon with more creations and maybe a competition to celebrate the end of my dissertation! xx

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  1. Thanks for your kind words Laura. We hope to see you back at BBLB just as soon as your dissertation is put to bed! Anna