Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Launching Rococo Creations

Hello everyone,
I am very excited to be re-launching my jewellery business under it's new name "Rococo Creations". I had spent so long trying to decide on a name, and found that I was so fussy about choosing one, I ended up staying as "Handmade Jewellery By Laura" for far longer than I had planned!  But I eventually got my act together and chose a name, then found a FANTASTIC designer who created my beautiful logo.  The logo was designed by Sweet-Pea Designs who can be found here: I highly recommend her for her creativity, speed, and friendliness!

So, I have signed up for a blog, joined Twitter, made my new Facebook page, and I'm attempting to create my own website... that could take forever though as I'm attempting to do it with very little knowledge! I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new crafters and of course people who like my work too. If I could, I would spend all my time making jewellery and learning new crafts. I have always loved the idea of making my own clothes but never put the time in to learn properly, so I think that is next on my list.  However, I'm currently working on my dissertation so I should really focus on that!!

I've written two paragraphs of a blog and I feel like I'm a teenager again, scribbling away in my diary about boys I like and how irritating my brothers are! I can't promise I will never mention boys or brothers, but I will try to stay away from those topics in general!  Well, that's it for my first post but I hope to be bringing you some more interesting rambles at some point soon. I'm off to discover some new blogs and pages before uploading some photos of my work to my Facebook page. Feel free to pop over and see my work:!/pages/Rococo-Creations/305903832784431

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